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British Passport Services


Current or last passport
Application form
2 Photographs
A letter of authorisation for Visa Point to lodge and collect on the clients behalf

Supporting information:

Company letter required when you apply for a second passport.
Appointments are made 1 day in advance. Emergency appointments may be available. If you have an urgent application please contact us.
UK Passport applications must be made on an ORIGINAL FORM. To obtain the form and guidance notes you can visit your local Post Office or contact Visa Point with your contact details and we will send the form to you
If your passport being lost or stolen, police reference number and LS01 form required.

Usually only you need to sign it if you are applying to renew your passport.
However, if your appearance is very different from the photo in your current or last passport, you should get your form countersigned at section 10.
The person you ask to countersign must be someone who has known you for at least two years. They must:

  • be over 18
  • hold a current British or Irish passport
  • be willing to write their passport number on the form

They should work in a recognised profession or otherwise have good standing in the community. You can find a list of suitable professions by following the link below to 'Who can countersign your application?' You should ask the same person to certify one of your photographs. They do this by writing on the back:

  • 'I certify that this is a true likeness of [Miss, Mr, Mrs, Ms or other title and your full name]'

They must also sign and date the statement.

The photographs you supply with your application must:

  • show you with a neutral expression and your mouth closed (no grinning, frowning or raised eyebrows)
  • show you on your own (babies should not have toys or a dummy, and there shouldn't be other people in the photo)
  • be in colour, not black and white
  • be identical
  • be taken within the last month
  • be 45 millimetres high x 35 millimetres wide - this is the standard size when you have a passport photo taken in a photo booth or studio (you should not trim a larger photograph to meet this condition)
  • be clear and in sharp focus, with a clear difference between your face and the background
  • be taken against a plain cream or plain light grey background
  • not show you with red-eye
  • be of you facing forward and looking straight at the camera
  • not be torn, creased, or marked
  • be printed on plain white photographic paper
  • be free from shadows
  • be taken with your eyes open and clearly visible (no sunglasses or tinted glasses and no hair across your eyes)
  • be free from reflection or glare on your glasses, and the frames must not cover your eyes - the Identity and Passport Service (IPS) recommends that, if possible, you remove your glasses
  • be professionally printed (photographs printed at home are not likely to be of an acceptable quality)
  • show your full head, without any head covering, unless you wear one for religious beliefs or medical reasons
  • be taken with nothing covering your face - you should make sure nothing covers the outline of your eyes, nose or mouth
  • be a close-up of your head and shoulders with a recommended head height (the distance between the bottom of your chin and the crown of your head) between 29 and 34 mm
  • not have any writing on the front or back - except when one of the photos needs to be certified. If there are trademarks or other photographic printing on the back, these must not show through when the photo is scanned by IPS

Passport Services Available

Replace a Lost, stolen or missing passport
One-week Fast Track service £112.50
One-day Premium service - Not available

Renew or amend an existing adult passport
One-week Fast Track service £112.50
Jumbo passport £120.50***

One-day Premium service £129.50
Jumbo passport £138.50***

New second passport
One-week Fast Track service £124.50
Jumbo passport £129.50***

One-day Premium service - Not available

Renew second passport
One-week Fast Track service £124.50
Jumbo passport £129.50***

One-day Premium service £129.50
Jumbo passport £138.50***

VisaPoint handling fee - £ 65.00 +VAT

*** Jumbo (48-page) passports - Fast Track and Premium services are available if you are applying to renew an existing passport (whether jumbo or normal size), but not if you are applying for a first adult passport