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Glossary of terms

Clear pages in passport - All Embassies require that a passport contain one or more clear pages to allow space for a visa and stamps. Read Visa Requirements to check how many clear pages in your passport you need for your visa.

Referred application - An application that requires special clearance or permission, usually from the immigration services of a particular country. The process for referred applications usually takes longer.

Travel itinerary – Description of a route or proposed route for a journey supported by ticket booking confirmations if available.

UK company letter –An introduction letter usually required for business visa applications. The letter must be written by the company on official headed paper and addressed to the relevant embassy or consulate. It must include the full name of the applicant, and must specify the purpose and duration of the visit and the number of entries required. If the company will assume financial responsibility for the applicant, please mention this.

UK residency -A permit to stay in the UK, endorsed in the passport or issued in the form of an Identity Card. A person with UK residency must have an official address in the UK.